the signs and microwaves

aries: leaves and comes back just as it finishes and stops it as it beeps

taurus: hits stop before its even finished

gemini: watches it the entire time. lets it beep the entire time.

cancer: watches it cook the entire time and stops it as it beeps

leo: opens the microwave before it finishes without hitting stop or closing the microwave

virgo: hits stop 4 times before its finished to make sure

libra: leaves the room and forgets about it entirely. never comes back.

scorpio: waits for it to finish beeping the first time and then hits stop, waits for it to cool, and then gets the food

sagittarius: doesnt even hit stop. just opens the microwave as it finishes
capricorn: watches it cook and lets it beep once

aquarius: paces around until its done and hits stop during the first beep

pisces: leaves the room and the microwave beeps until they come back

Source: all-against

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